These Cats And Dogs Are So Misbehaved They Probably Made Their Owners Regret Adopting Them, Maybe

by Ayoub Mask

Owning a misbehaved pet is just part of the experience, you learn how to deal with it and you eventually manage to find a good strategy. 

Although some pets are just lost causes, so instead of fixing the problem, you just try to learn how to live with it. Either that or taking the issue to a professional who knows how to deal with these kinds of peculiar situations.

If you don't already own a pet, the posts below will seriously make you reconsider your choice. These cats and dogs don't give a single heck and they're ready to destroy everything you once loved.

That's a demon from hell

So tiny yet so destructive

Oh he's in such big trouble

Screw you and your shower


He feels insulted

Super-glue that bowl to the ground

Her house, her rules

He doesn't like sharing

They're evolving

"Yeah clean that sh*t"

You better not mess with this cat

Caught in the act

Never give up

Great strategy