These Stories About Celebrity Encounters Will Make You Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Them

by Rachel

Every now and again, someone will make a post about a cool chance encounter they just had with a celebrity. And every time I read about one, I think about how I have never met anyone even remotely cool. Or maybe I have, and I just haven’t realised.

It seems to be reasonably 50/50 as to whether people will have a positive or negative encounter with a famous person. The stories below, however, are very normal.

They show celebrities as the same as us mere mortals, you know, going to the movies and buying lamps.They’re very cute stories though, and if you have a similar one, make sure to leave it in the comments.

Kiefer Sutherland

Fergie (royal, not singer)

Princess Diana

Judi Dench

Michael Jackson

"Charlie Sheen"

Robert De Niro

John Barrowman

Jodie Foster

Rowen Atkinson

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Benedict Cumberbatch('s parents)

Charlie Sheen

Aretha Franklin

Kevin Costner

John McEnroe

Robin Williams

Nicole Scherzinger

Jason Momoa