TikTok "Star" Gets Roasted After Filming Herself Licking An Airplane Toilet Seat For The “Coronavirus Challenge”

by Stephanie

Question. How on earth are we going to save today's children from the horror and stupidity of TikTok challenges? I mean, okay, in all fairness, the majority of them are pretty harmless. A bit of dancing, or perhaps reenacting a celebrity video. But here's the thing. Sometimes, these challenges are not harmless. Sometimes, they are downright disturbing.

Case in point, "The Coronavirus Challenge."

Originally thought up by TikTok "star," Ava Louise, the challenge has since been removed by TikTok (thankfully). However, the video is still up on Ava's Twitter feed for the world to see. In it, you will see Ava look directly into the camera, lick an airplane toilet seat, and then give the double peace sign.


Scroll down to see for yourself.

In the disturbing video, Ava looks directly into the camera, licks an airplane toilet seat, and gives the double peace sign.

People were understandably pretty grossed out.

However, a few found it amusing.