Retail Worker Outwitted A Rude And Entitled Customer In A Hilarious Way

by Rachel

There’s no denying that retail work can be some of the hardest. This fact is often not recognised, and, funnily enough, the people who do not recognise this are the same people who make it so hard in the first place.

Customers can be truly, truly terrible. From simply having poor manners, to feeling entitled to everything and then demanding it. Some customers don’t seem to realise that the world does not, in fact, revolve around them and it is not the responsibility of a retail worker to make sure it does.

Stories like these show that little victories when it comes to bad customers can feel very, very sweet. 

This story comes from Reddit...

Where it comes from user: u/amaranthinenightmare.

The post title reads: "When retail customers feel entitled to extra discounts for no reason... so you give it to 'em."

(I'm hooked already)

The post reads:

"I worked at a pretty popular department store for years, and I have to say that the customers this store breeds are the worst of the worst. This store is probably 90% of the reason that so many customers feel as entitled as they do. ("The cashier had the hiccups, it was incredibly annoying, isn't there anything you can do for me?" Was an actual honest to God complaint one lady had for me when I was a supervisor.)
So anyway, I was covering a break up at the registers. I was a supervisor at the time and I had also already given my two weeks notice. I was beyond fed up. It was like spring of my senior year all over again. I had no more fucks left."


"So I'm up at the registers, and this lady who couldn't have been more than 40 comes up with a huge cart full. Anyone who has worked retail, you know this woman. She's got The Hair, she's smacking her gum at me while she talks on the phone, the entire transaction is delayed because I need her to pay and she starts to ignore me because apparently I'm the rude one for interrupting her phone call."


"She proceeds to tell the person on the other end "give me a second," and finally turns to me and says, as if I'm an impatient child testing her last bit of patience, "yes?"
"Here's your total, ma'am. Do you have any coupons or rewards to use today?"
She nodded, and here is when she drops a few clippings on the counter in front of me, ignoring my outstretched hand, and turns her attention back to her phone. As soon as I look at the coupons, I see that none of them are usable. She has one that is $10 off your menswear purchase of $50 or more. She has all women's clothing. The next coupon expired two months ago. Another one doesn't start for another week, etc etc."

The customer seems delightful

"So I try again to get her attention. She's just as lovely and accommodating as the last time. She rolls her eyes, tells the person on the phone that she will have to call them back, and gives me another sharp "Yes?"
"Sorry ma'am, this coupon is expired, this one hasn't started, and this one is only for when you purchase $50 worth of menswear. Do you have any other coupons or rewards?"
She stares at me like I had just called her mother some unsavory name. "UH excuse me, WHAT?"

The worker went from zero f*cks to negative and I LOVE it

"What could I do but shrug helplessly?
"You have GOT to be kidding me! That is the entire reason I came out here today, to use those coupons! I really can't use them?? Unbelievable. Some customer service here!" All the while she's packing her useless coupons back into her purse and glaring scorch marks into my soul.
Remember I said I was done? My patience before Shopzilla here was already at 0. She tipped the scales. I was officially in the negatives. I had negative fucks and negative patience left.
So when she said "you should be ashamed of yourself, being so rude to a customer." Something in me snapped."

A discount is a discount, right?

"I smiled sweetly at her, mustered up a bright and cheery expression that i usually reserve as my "waitress" face, and said "I'm so sorry you feel that way, ma'am. But on the bright side, since it's Tuesday I can still apply your senior's discount! So at least you aren't losing that one, right?"
I can't quite describe her expression. I think she was angry, but I think she was more shocked. And in that state of shock, she sputtered out "I'm not a senior!""


"I mimicked her shock, trying to appear horrified by my "accidental" faux pas, and then immediately said "let me take that off of there for you, then!" And promptly took the senior discount off, bumping her total up another $20. "I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding, ma'am."
Oh boy, she was pissed, but like I said, I think she was more shocked. She seemed a little dumbfounded, she paid, she took her stuff, she left.
I will take that petty moment of satisfaction at her horrified expression to my grave. (It was even worth the write up that I did end up getting after she called the store and gave my manager a piece of her mind.)"

The comments are pretty funny, too!


"I'm so sorry you met my mother."

Others shared similar stories


"Similar thing happened to me. I work at a bank and had a fraudster come in to try to open up an account with fake IDs and deposit a stolen tax refund check. I took the IDs in the back to verify they were fake, but while I was doing so the lady said she needed to pick up her kid and ran off. We verified the check was stolen and the IDs were fake after that.
Later the lady calls and asks if she had left her IDs there. We were like yes we have been holding them for you, when would you like to pick them up? She was arrested that same day lmao."


"5 years spent working for Kohl’s. My favorite response to “but that’s the whole reason I came shopping today!” was to read them the ENTIRE back of the coupon, to show them that they in fact bought nothing pertaining to the coupon. And while I held their coupon hostage, they had no choice but to listen to the rules and exceptions, so I didn’t get any more stupid comments when they came back to my register 25 minutes later with an ass-ton of socks and one sweater."


"The fact so many people can accurately guess Kohls first try says a lot about Kohls"