Disney's Ocean Florida Is Currently Looking for a Theme Park Tester And If This Isn't Any Disney Fan's Dream Come True We Don't Know What Is

by Shasta

Do you love theme parks? Have you never been to Walt Disney? Have some spare time on your hands? (Possibly even paid vacation because UH this would be one epic way to spend it!) You may just be in luck! Should you get chosen, this could be the vacation of a lifetime!

One travel agency would like to hire someone that would be willing (WHO WOULDN'T BE?!) to head to Orlando for T H R E E WEEKS at absolutely ZERO cost to you!!! All you have to do is review all of the biggest theme parks! Oh yeah...and that for SURE includes Walt Disney World AND Universal Studios Resort!!!

Travel firm Ocean Florida is hiring one lucky someone to be a Theme Park Tester for three glorious weeks in April or May! They want you to test out everything! From the rides, to the food, the shows, the parades, and so SO much more!


Did I mention they would also allow you to bring along a friend for the duration of the ENTIRE trip?!

Did we just become best friends?! YES WE DID!

They've made it clear that they will cover your travel expenses, your accommodations, PLUS yours and your friend's tickets!

PLUS! You'll receive a daily allowance to have all the fun in the world on the activities, like for example, sampling the Hogsmeaded Butterbeer at the Universals Wizarding World!


Worried about lines? Hahaha they have that covered too!

You'll also receive fast passes and photo passes throughout your whole trip! As well as a GoPro to document all of those epic memories, and and a FitBit to capture your steps and heart rate as you play!

BUT! They're still not finished yet!

£3,000 for your "troubles!"

All they ask of you in return is to give honest feedback, on a range of different factors at each location. As well as your overrall experience. For example, the thrill of the rides, the attractions, and YUP the souvenirs too!

So if you sign up, be prepared for all of this plus taking TONS of photos (duh anyway right?!) and videos of your trip! Ocean's Florida will then share these on their social media accounts!

What an epic opportunity! Talk about the trip of a lifetime! My single friends that can drop everything for nearly a month, YOU BETTER GET IN ON THIS!

If you're interested yourself, you can sign up here on the Florida Ocean's website.

They'll be accepting applications until January 31st of 2020! Don't wait!