Disney+ Tweets Its Retro Movie Catalogue And It's Seriously Epic

by Ariana

As someone who was born in 1990, it somewhat pains me to admit that films that are around my age are now fast being considered 'vintage' - but they are.

Similarly, it pains me that, along with Netflix, Hayu, Stan and Hulu (I LOVE TV) I am now expected to pay for another streaming service if I wish to wash said 'vintage' films - but I will be. Disney+ is the latest streaming service and it's already proving VERY popular with young and old.

The catalogue is huge and Disney+ recently shared (on their official Twitter account) its collection of films from 1937-1990.

It's definitely worth checking out if you are on the fence about this new service.

"I'm a real, live boy!"

A absolute classic

This needs a re-boot ASAP

The original!

So sad :(


Loved this as a kid!


Tom Hanks in Castaway... eat your heart out.

Another BANGER

One for the grownups.

That spaghetti scene!

Love a good sequel.

This was cute.

Sad :(

Old skool

BY FAR one of the best!