Funny Tumblr Posts That Will Help You Recover After A Long Day At Work/School

by Ayoub Mask

Being at work or school all day can drain most of your energy, it pretty much transforms into this almost lifeless creature that doesn't even know what it wants anymore. It's the worst feeling in the world and only a few little things can manage to cure it.

People have a couple of different techniques that they use to relax and forget about the stressful day they just had. Consuming comedy content is hands down the best technique, it can cheer you up in just a matter of minutes.

Although original content is hard to find, Facebook is filled with repetitive/unfunny content, which is why we decided to introduce you to a couple of funny Tumblr posts with a lot of randomly hilarious interactions in them.

1. Annnnd that's how it's done Ladies and Gentleman

2. Casual and classy

3. DUH

9. That's something she'd totally say

11. The story of my life

15. Ya got me