Hilarious Tweets From Our Gay Friends On Twitter

by Mikayla

As we all know Pride month has just recently come to an end, but that doesn't mean that the gay community is supposed to shrink back into the shadows and wait for next pride to come along, no sir, no way.

Pride month is a time where a lot of people choose to come out, so July, our month of pride hangover, means we have plenty of new friends to enjoy our memories with. While most people wish the celebrations could continue all year round, most of us have day jobs that can't be done while covered in glitter or paint (I WISH) so let's just settle with enjoying some tweets that surfaced this week from some of the wonderful and fabulous members of Twitter instead.

THIS is what people should be talking about!

I feel like YO is a standard "play it cool" introduction

Let him live in blissful unawareness...

So that's either none, or... A very busy weekend.

Oh my god, they were roommates!

... I love you, but also, get out...

I need a remake with him playing Jack, please and thank you.

The internet has ruined me.


Everyone should have and appreciate a tall friend. I will change your life!

Oh. I wasn't aware I was being personally attacked today

Is it??? Really?? The more you know

My last three brain cells after Netflix binging RuPaul

Love. Always. Wins. Right?

I'm sorry straight girls, we love you, but today is not about you.

I'm saving this clip... For education purposes of course.