Viral Thread By Twitter User Explains How A Muggle Would Not Be Having A Good Time In The Harry Potter Universe

by Rachel

It's no secret that the vast majority of millennials wish that they had have got their Hogwarts letters so they could embark on a journey as magical as the ones we spent hours reading about. Though our hypothetical adventures would be much less dangerous than Harry, Ron and Hermione's, of course.

Writer L.L. McKinney recently took to Twitter to explain why she would struggle at Hogwarts. Gaining the skills to use magic would be cool and all, but would it be worth practically having to live in the 1800s again? McKinney has a hilarious take on some of the antiquated aspects of Hogwarts life.

McKinney believes she would've been expelled from Hogwarts due to the absurdity of how they would have her live.

"The torch on my iPhone, professor."

How can you have colour coordinated stationery when you have to use parchment?

How else would you carry all your parchment around?

Hair dryers are a basic necessity

Petition to learn how to cook decent curries in potions.

A very valid point

I just genuinely don't understand why the book needed teeth

Attach a cushion and maybe we'll talk

Do the owls get paid for their labour?

*drops mic*

Not gonna risk messing with that for a 10% participation grade

If all the parents took this approach...

"If you need me, I'll be in the vegetable patch where the plants won't kill me"

If only there was some kind of truth potion they could take...

Oh, wait...

"Why are you like this?" Why are YOU like this?

I've always wondered about fire safety at Hogwarts. Is there a magical fire brigade?

This joke is unforgivable.