People on Twitter Come Together To Determine Whether or Not This Man Is Cheating

by Rachel

Making it “social media official” is a big step in the modern relationship. What used to be referred to as “going steady” is now replaced by an Instagram post confirming your new relationship status. One of the biggest signs that something may not be right in a relationship, is a partner’s refusal to acknowledge you on their profiles. (Of course, it may be completely fine, but on the other hand it could be a red flag.)

But what happens if you see the person you’re supposed to be seeing on someone else’s profile? Naturally, you’d want answers. It could be an old picture, or it could be a real problem. With the brilliant help of Twitter detectives, this woman was able to discover the truth.

While scrolling through Twitter, one woman noticed a familiar body in someone else's post...

And then called it out!

The original Tweet was taken down, but luckily for those of us playing along at home: there's screenshots.

And understandably, wants receipts!

In fairness, it was an ineffective use of emojis...

So Twitter did its best to provide them!

And literal receipts were provided!

But back to narrowing down the timeline by the magazine covers... PEOPLE WERE IMPRESSED!

Sherlock Holmes WHO?

Girls working together could probably solve the Bermuda triangle tbh.

Literally my face reading this

Like crowdfunding; but for information!

Valid point

Who said TV doesn't teach you anything?

Missed her calling as a detective

The realest Tweet of them all.

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