Mid-2000s Kids Tweeting About The Good Old Days

by Ayoub Mask

When you're a kid, everything seems much simpler and the world only revolves around a couple of easily obtainable things. Then adulthood comes along and destroys everything you once loved and it doesn't spare anyone, it comes after every single one of us, but some lucky ones obviously have it easier than the rest.

The 2000s were a weird time, from boy bands to Windows XP, everything was so different from today, a lot of things were surely cringe-worthy, but back then, they seemed perfectly normal.

These 2000s kids are reminiscing about the past and they surely reminded us of some great things we left in that era.

1. Those happy moments were priceless

2. They don't even know what's about to hit them

3. I hated those

4. Time sure flies!

5. Mean girls

6. Stress is inevitable now

7. Go back in time and get yourself some sweet revenge

8. Emo dissapeared because now everyone wants to die and it isn't special anymore.

9. Getting your phone or laptop taken away was the absolute worst

10. #NeverForget

11. Most dads are like this

12. This is the absolute worst

13. Are we living the same life or what

14. This is why we all grew up to be super weird

15. Twilight is just creepy

16. The dopest song ever