Spontaneous Wedding Photos Taken By A Non-Wedding Photographer Are Hilarious

by Rachel

Ian Weldon is a wedding photographer who... isn't a wedding photographer. According to his website, Weldon's idea is that wedding photos have become too staged and boring. A wedding photographer who spends the day bossing people around and demanding to get dozens of photos of different combinations of people, is a wedding photographer who is missing all the special parts of the day; the laughter, the dancing and the free alcohol.

What’s more; the wedding guests will have spent more of the day posing than actually enjoying themselves. And all that will be to show for it, is a marriage certificate and a bunch of forced, boring pictures.  

Weldon takes unbiased and natural photos of the special day! To quote his website:

"I’m completely unbiased in the photographs I make. A sort of photographic democracy where one photograph is no more important than any other. Where all things are equal, people the same as objects. 
Emotion and gesture and dancing and wine and door knobs and fancy lights and funny faces and shoes will all be treated the same. 
Those things are yours on your day, and it all means something to you."

The resulting photos are beautiful!

(Though you may want to have someone on hand to take some staged pictures, too. Lucky everyone has a high quality camera in the pocket!)

Wedding photos should truly capture the day; and not have your memories tainted by standing awkwardly in a line for ten minutes while you wait for the sun to come out.

Posed pictures are overrated.

That baby will become a family meme.

Most accurate wedding cake picture I've ever seen.

True happiness!

No one has ever looked elegant getting out a car.

The cutest "getting ready" picture ever!

This definitely beats a stiff, posed picture.

Tfw the bridal party needs a break to update the wedding hashtag.

Throwing confetti is not always as glamorous as it looks in... well... actual wedding pictures.

This one is super cool!

Accurate representation of what it's like hoping something awkward won't be revealed in the speeches.

When you just wanna go home but your dad wants to keep up the party...

Getting ready is a complex affair.

100% would rather accurate pictures of the day, than having to pose for hours on end grimacing.

How I feel looking at regular wedding photos compared with these.

If you ever forget to get your outfit pressed beforehand; no worries! Now your embarrassment has been immortalised forever!

Not your typical wedding dip pictures...

Brings new meaning to putting your finger over the lens.

Kids entertainment < adult entertainment

This picture really sums up the last 1000 words of the speech.

You'll always remember how windy it was...

The last/first supper

The most memorable part of weddings is always the food.