Photos That Show How Parenting Standards Have Changed Over Time

by Rachel

We talk a lot about how children today are wrapped up in bubble wrap. This alleged wrapping is done so to protect children from getting hurt. This can also be referred to as “caring for them.” Obviously, over time, we have learnt more about how to best keep children safe. Looking back at some of these pictures is honestly quite alarming; I mean, surely these parents knew better?

Given how dangerous some of these photos are, I don’t think that taking care of them by proverbially wrapping them in cotton-wool will do any harm; especially if you, you know, want them to stay alive. Regardless, a lot of these photos are humorous and show how much society has changed in a short period of time.

Did fire safety lessons not exist in the 1980s?

My dad showing off his parenting skills 1985 from r/OldSchoolCool

1991 in Australia: drinking beer, light beer (of course).

Me back in 1991 just your typical Aussie kid drinking XXXXlight beer(I wasn't aloud heavies back then) and holding a baby crocodile! from r/OldSchoolCool

This guy who has probably never been so cool since 1958

Me again, 1958, relaxing after my bath with Toby, I was never again this cool from r/OldSchoolCool

This kid (in the box!) with his parents and the marijuana initiative rally in 1972

California marijuana initiative rally 1972. That’s me in the box and my parents in the picture. from r/OldSchoolCool

This photograph taken in 1955 in Germany of Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander taken by by Princess Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn

Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander, by Princess Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn 1955

Unsure who I am more concerned about falling; the bear or the child.

Vietnam, 1970.

My adorable (4 year old) mother at a zoo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | 1970 from r/OldSchoolCool

It may not be properly secured but at least it has a steering wheel

Back in the day. 1950s to be exact. Checkout that car seat. from r/pics

A very safe swimming lesson in the 1930s

The pinnacle of parenting: 1930s swimming lesson. from r/WTF

When your mum is a vet in the 1950s... oh, just get a pet lion; no biggie!

My dad and his veterinarian mother, with their pet lion which they raised for two years, 1959 from r/OldSchoolCool

In 1954 you didn't even have to leave the room to do things behind your parents' back

13 y/o Dad having a taste while the grownups are busy playing cards; upstate New York, August 1954 from r/OldSchoolCool

This two year old riding a BEAR

My mother-in-law riding a bear at 2 years old from r/pics

A pet lion in the 1970s!

Apparently the zoo went out of business so they just... offered to buy it... and they did...

My father and his pet lion, Priscilla // California 1970's from r/OldSchoolCool

This kid dressed up as his dad in 1982

A photo of me dressed up as my Dad, with my Dad (1982) from r/OldSchoolCool

Luckily in the years since, we've made some progess on animal rights!

Just A Photo of Yours Truly (at 11 yrs.) Petting a Full Grown Tiger. My Mom Calls it Her "Bad Parenting Moment" from r/pics

These new parents taking their baby ice skating in 1937

A couple ice skating with their baby, 1937 from r/OldSchoolCool

Beer will probably keep a baby quieter than most other bottles

My mom showing off her parenting skills 1978 from r/OldSchoolCool

This brave mum being a BMX ramp in the 1980s

A Harley with a baby seat in 1962

A Harley with a baby seat in 1962