Autistic Boy Went on a Plane All By Himself With Just $10 And Happened to Sit Next To The Best Person

by Irene

Alexa Bjornson was faced with a predicament. She had to send her 7-year-old son Landon Bjornson to visit his dad in Portland. Because he is a child with high-functioning autism, it was quite obvious that a flight would be a difficult situation, full of triggers and sensory overload. Because she didn't know what to do, and couldn't fly with him, she decided to give her son Landon a letter to hand to the person he was sitting next to. Luckily. it turned out really well.

“I really couldn’t think of any other way to get my point and goal across besides a letter with an explanation and incentive for being kind. I wrote the letter an hour before we left for the airport,” she said.

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