Man Punches The Back Of Woman's Seat During Flight And People Are Arguing About Who’s In The Wrong

by Stephanie

After what can only be described as a horrible experience during a recent flight with American Air, passenger, Wendi Williams, decided to post video evidence of the event to her Twitter.

In the video, an adult man can clearly be seen punching the back of Wendi's seat, not unlike a misbehaving child might do.

Wendi had reclined her seat when the man asked her to put it back up as he was eating. She did, and waited until the man was finished eating before reclining her seat again at a later stage. Apparently the man took offence to this, and decided Wendi deserved to be punished.

Wendi tweeted about her experience.

Wait... he was rewarded with rum?

True, it can be tight in the backseat. However, does that really give anyone the right to get aggressive?

People were undecided.

Wendi doesn't care what anyone thinks. The flight attendant sarcastically suggested she call the FBI. So, Wendi says that's exactly what she's going to do.