Man And His Doggo Have The Greatest Quarantine Workout Program

by Damjan

Silvio Siamo from Italy has an unusual workout partner – his extremely lazy dog Sparky. When Siamo's life turned upside down under lockdown, he was lucky to have his 5-year-old mini bull terrier by his side. And we are sure the same goes for Sparky.

"Sparky is a lazy boy," Siamo says. "He likes to stay with the family and be cuddled."

Sparky is not a big fan of cardio and will frequently just stop up in the middle of a stroll. When Sparky thinks that he has walked enough, he sits down and makes his owner do some heavy lifting. And there's an abundance of videos to prove it.

via: sparky_minibullterrier

Even though Sparky hates the exercise, he’s come up with a strategy to help his owner stay fit while giving him a lot of affection. It’s a win-win situation for the lazy pup. 

“For Sparky, working out together is something fun,” Siamo says. “Usually, he puts himself nearby where he can wait for kisses during our workout.”

via: sparky_minibullterrier

The pooch knows that when Siamo starts to exercise, he has to position himself under his owner and push-ups or squats suddenly become pets and kisses. And it works every single time:

All this definitely helps lifts his owner’s spirits during insolation.

“In these days of the quarantine, we are constrained to stay at home and to pass the time we work out together with Sparky,” Siamo says. “[He’s] helping us between the cuddles and kisses to pass the days with serenity and to make us almost forget the emergency in which we are living in Italy.”

via: sparky_minibullterrier

For Sparky, life during lockdown is just fine — especially because his owner is now constantly home.

“Sparky is happy because he is cuddled all the time,” Siamo says. “We play together, make video calls with friends, prepare cookies that he likes very much. When he is tired he goes on the balcony to lie down in the sun.”