Gordon Ramsay Ate Guinea Pigs And Now Everyone Is Having Their Say

by Admin

Gordon Ramsay is currently defending himself after outrage over his comments about how guinea pigs are "delicious" to eat.

At the time, he was filming his new series Gordon Ramsay: Unchartered when he visited Peru and ate an entire plate of guinea pigs. Even more interestingly, the guinea pigs had been cooked in a variety of ways, some closer to raw than the others.

He said:

"You do not know what you're missing. I am telling you now, delicious,"

The comments started to roll in...

One person on Twitter said:

Others couldn't even continue watching

Ramsay has never been a person to avoid controversy, so he decided to add his point of view:

Others completely agreed with his response

And, like all Internet controversies, everyone chimed in to have their own say: