10+ Things That Actually Happened With "Pics Or It Didn't Happen" Proof

by Elana

Has anything ever happened to you that was just... literally unbelievable? A big event, small event, doesn't matter! Either way, you just know the moment it happens that no one will ever believe you. 

Sometimes it's one of those "my dog ate my homework" things, where you thought it was an urban legend but for you and your bad luck, it was real. 

Or something more extravagant like some of the stories here today: did your dad ever tell you his epic high school legend of stealing a school bus? 

I wouldn't have believed that either if it weren't for the photographic evidence. Which brings us to the point: whenever you're in one of those "nobody will ever believe me" situations: take a picture. Live the rest of your life in infamy.

via: WKBX