The Moment These Pets Took a Glimpse Of Their Reflection, They Immediately Started Freaking Out

by Ayoub Mask

Imagine not being able to recognize your reflection, it would be such a hilarious experience because you will constantly think that some other person is staring at you intensely and mimicking your every move.

You would probably lose it and immediately go through an existential crisis since it's not something you're used to seeing on a daily day basis.

That's exactly how our pets feel whenever they see their reflection in a mirror, they always think that it's another animal staring at them and potentially trying to harm them.

That's the main reason why they act so strangely whenever it happens.

1. How precious 😍❤️

2. "He just realized he had ears"

3. Shooketh

4. He decided to show off his Kung-Fu skills to the other cat but it backfired

5. When the reverse wiggle fails

6. That face is so priceless 😂😂😂

7. He found a new friend

8. She developed a crush on herself

9. Cats are so easily entertained

10. Her new best friend

11. Everything changed after that day

12. Ready to attack

13. Cats will literally meow at anything

14. Square up dawg, whatcha looking at

15. Look at that paw 😍😍 so damn adorable

16. Overwhelmed by his own cuteness