These 13 Guys Make Sure Their Relationship Is Always Interesting And Never Boring

by Ivan Kim

If you are or have been in a relationship, you know that things could get stale. Arguments are never inevitable. And as the relationship goes longer, the more you get to know your partner. Sure, you love your partner, but as time goes by, you get to see your differences. You start to fight over the toilet seat, the cabinet doors, the remote, who gets to clean the dog's poop, you name it.

To make the relationship stronger, each one has to exert efforts and ensure that the other person is happy. It's not that there shouldn't be a fight (cause there will always be), but it's important that the relationship is healthy -- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So, if you've been having a hard time thinking about ways that you can spice up your relationship (and avoid it from getting boring), learn from these 13 guys who have their ways of making sure their relationship is fun.

13. This guy who followed the instructions very carefully.

12. This guy who made a mattress... but not for her.

Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress.... It was for the cat. from r/aww

11. This guy who knows how to take photo of his son

He finally fell asleep when my wife asked for a picture and i wanted to let her know what hes been like until then from r/funny

10. This guy who knows to photobomb... and oh, those shoes are nice!

Decided to photobomb my wife during our wedding photoshoot last month. from r/pics

9. This guy who should never be left alone with the dog. Haha!

Girlfriend left me and the dog home alone for the weekend. First thing I sent her. from r/funny

8. This guy who knows how to spend "quality time" with his dog

My boyfriend decided to take my dog to the beach today for some “quality” time together from r/pics

5. This husband who protests about his wife spending too much time in Target

Target Husband from r/funny

4. This boyfriend who likes to take down notes

Girlfriend sleep-talks a lot. I write down the best ones when I can. from r/funny

3. This guy who knows how to clap back

My girlfriend says that I own too many video games. I sent her this. from r/funny

1. And finally, this husband who loves to prank his wife

Friend’s husband played a prank on her.. from r/funny