Vegan Lasagne Sends Twitter Into Meltdown With Users Saying 'It's Basically A Salad'

by Sarahjg

A ‘vegan lasagne’ has caused quite the stir online this week after a woman in the US shared an image of the dish on Twitter.

User @AristaFbab shared the image on Tuesday claiming the salad-based meal was brought in by a work colleague.

“Coworker brought in vegan lasagna today and I’m ready to knock all that s*** over,”she wrote.

The photo appears to show several carefully placed layers of lettuce and tomato in a square aluminium tray with a white sauce on the side.

AristaFbab’s post has since been liked over 70,000 times with over 20,000 retweets

Her post was inundated with thousands of comments from people shocked the food in question was being passed off as a lasagna.

“Vegan lasagna is delicious when it’s done right, it’s just regular lasagne with no meat or cheese. This mess looks like a tragedy,” one person wrote.

“That's a stacked salad. In no sort is this lasagna,” another person said, garnering over 10,000 likes.

“It’s an abomination,” one person bluntly wrote.

Hundreds of vegans hit back, suggesting the offering was not on a par with true vegan lasagnes.

“This is a disgrace to actual vegan lasagnas... I’m offended,” one person wrote.

Other felt the lambasting was based around the lack of meat.

One vegan shared his take on what a vegan lasagne “should look like” leaving people even more perplexed about what the dish actually is.

A lot of people couldn’t help but see the lighter side of the debate: “This has all the tell tale signs of someone who forgot they had to bring something for the office party and only had this in the fridge.”

So did that coworker really bring in vegan lasagna ? Or—as the layers of iceberg lettuce and artfully placed tomato slices may indicate -they did in fact just show up with a stacked salad?

Well, with apparently not much else in the world to discuss this week, Twitter is all over this vegan lasagna/stacked salad action.