Woman Questions If She's In The Wrong After Reporting 3 Guys At Work For Their Sexist Comments

by Shasta

A woman wonders if she's wrong for getting a sexist co-worked fired, and she turns to Reddit for confirmation.

This woman claims she caught several "men" more like boys to the sounds of it, making a 'hot list'.

Essentially they were ranking every woman within her department based on their ideas of 'hotness'.

What a disgrace. I'd be livid! She found all of this out during happy hour one evening after work.

“Everyone was having a good time and there were about 20 of us there (from about 30 people in our department),” she wrote. “I go to the bathroom, and as I am about to exit the hall to the bathroom I hear my co-worker say my name from around the corner of the wall. Perhaps I shouldn’t have eavesdropped, but curiosity/suspicion got the best of me and I did.”

I was upset and disturbed, “I was quite friendly with 2/3 of the guys, actually.”

Thanks to a zero tolerance policy, all three men were fired the next day.

Her original post to Reddit.

“Now I feel terrible” the woman admitted. As much as hearing the way they spoke about women made her, at first thought she didn't expect that they'd be fire. And of course- her fellow employee's are now calling her a snitch.

It's a pretty hands down agree-ance that their own actions got them fired. No tattle telling here. Honesty is always the best policy. And if you feel like you need to hide something, evaluating why is a damn good place to start.

This makes me so irate.


A small portion of commenters thought that the conversation was private enough to be permissible to them continuing their employment. YUCK.

Of course the trolls came out to play, then the post got locked.

Rule of thumb? Don't be a baby-fide middle schooler and make stupid "hot lists" at work.

Cue the eye roll.

Let us know your thoughts below! What would you have done?